Editorial & Project Management Services


We provide the full package: editorial and project management, combined to become a unique brand of services to meet all of your content needs. This is what we call editorial management.

Language is clarity.

Language is the way we communicate, make a point, share, and relate. Our words are important. We are here to help make those words clear and consistent.

Language is confidence.

We have confidence in our work, so our clients can have confidence in us.

We work with the best: qualified, outstanding proofreaders and copy editors with years of experience. Our thorough screening process ensures that everyone on our roster meets the highest professional standards.

We work with our clients. We put together a comprehensive editorial plan, meet deadlines, and have competitive rates.

We put together detailed, comprehensive style sheets and project management guidelines as part of our service and provide training to all assigned proofreaders in each client’s style.

We are proficient in all formats and manage and oversee international and national campaigns:

  • brochures and catalogs
  • outdoor (OOH) and print ads with placements in national and international markets
  • website content, banners, and email campaigns
  • editing in any format: Word, PDF, Google docs, sheets, and slides, and any other programs that are needed

Language is distinctive.

We customize our service for each client.

We create proofreading departments, instituting in-house and online process from scratch so that all phases of production are covered by quality control and all departments work together.

We oversee long-term, intensive projects from creative development to print and launch—projects such as catalogs, email and website content, OOH and print campaigns, and brand launches.

We do everything from polishing language and copy flow to quality assurance and cross-checking of copy, markets, data, and legal.

Our proofreaders and copy editors do the small stuff and the big stuff:

  • find and correct grammatical errors and typos
  • insert missing punctuation and dropped text
  • copy edit and rewrite copy
  • catch and fix inconsistencies in terminology, names, data, and style
  • verify brand style and legal requirements
  • do in-depth, developmental editing and fact-checking/research

Our team honors the spark of creative from which an entire campaign or an entire document or series of documents is born, verifying that each piece, each ad, each line, fits within the whole.

Language is fulfillment.

When beginning a project, we come up with the best approach. Our process assessment enables us to make the most efficient and effective recommendations for our clients.

This includes coordinating every aspect of the editorial process:

  • putting together a core team of contract editors
  • instituting editorial protocol and process
  • creating editorial guidelines and style guides for each client and project
  • seeing each job through from generation to print and launch